PHUPLEC* is the phenomenon of growing or becoming a plot of land.

PHUPLEC* celebrates the small, the wild, the overripe, the rotten, the undesired, and the redundant as necessary tactics for a sustainable future.

You can be a part of PHUPLEC by performing one of the following practices:
* *PHUPLEC – Pronounced ‘foo-pleck’. PHUPLEC derives from the Proto-Indo-European perfective *bhuH, meaning to become, grow or appear. From this root word comes the English word future, the Latin futūrus (about to be) and esse (to be), the Greek phuō (I grow / become) and phusis (nature), and the Old English bēo (I become, I will be, I am). Phu- is combined with an abbreviated version of the Old English *plecc (pleck or plack) meaning a plot of land, place, spot or patch.